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Mercoledì 21 Aprile 2021

MASP showed once again the importance of cooperation and coordination between different players and policies.
Among the results of the “Master Parenting in Work and Life” initiative, co-funded by the EaSI programme of the European Union, are a unique training programme for employees with care tasks, an online platform targeting specifically unemployed women, divers actions mobilizing employers or a collection of best practices of cities/regions and (social economy) enterprises, to name just a few.
This work showed once again the importance of cooperation and coordination between different players (policy-makers, administration, enterprises, civil society, families…) and policies. 
Work-life balance and women employment won’t be promoted successfully by flexible working hour arrangements or the availability of childcare services alone. A number of elements come into play.
The following interviews are intended to highlight one or the other of these elements a little more.


Sabrina Del Pico, basic income network Italy on basic income, sharing and balanced time management


Giuseppina Corvino, head of labour market unit at the city of Milan – an overview of city policies that led to masp 


Daria Colombo, delegate of the mayor of Milan for equal gender opportunities – acting on administrative culture to implement equal opportunities


Anne-Laure Wibrin, CLTB – Calico project: the importance of housing and caring communities


Sabina Bellione: Work-Life Integration From The Point Of View Of A Big Social Economy Network Enterprise 


Valentina Caimi, AEIDL: The (Underestimated) Role Of Public Procurement In The Promotion Of Work-Life Balance And Women Employment

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MASP – Master Parenting in Work and Life

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Prossima Impresa 2021

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