MASP final international dissemination event

Martedì 20 Aprile 2021

For two years, public authorities, representatives of SMEs and the social economy, researchers as well as NGOs have been working on ways to facilitate work-life balance and (women) employment.

Among the results of the “Master Parenting in Work and Life” initiative, co-funded by the EaSI programme of the European Union, are a unique training programme for employees with care tasks, an online platform targeting specifically unemployed women, divers actions mobilizing employers or a collection of best practices of cities/regions and (social economy) enterprises, to name just a few.

This work confirmed once again the importance of cooperation and coordination between different players (policy-makers, administration, enterprises, civil society, families…) and policies.evento Masp 26

On 26 March we met amongst others, MEP Frances Fitzgerald - EP rapporteur on "The gender perspective in the Covid-19 crisis and post-crisis period", EESC member Marina Calderone and Jiri Svarc, Head of Unit Social Investment Strategy, European Commission, DG Employment and Social Affairs.

During this webinar we had the occasion to

  • discover the final results of the MASP project;
  • explore possible synergies between different European initiatives and programmes including actions on the topics of work-life balance and (women) employment;
  • discuss perspectives for actions at European, national and local level in a period in which a number of strategies, programmes and policies around the Recovery and Resilience Fund, the European Structural and Investment Fund and the Action Plan around the Implementation of the Social Pillar are finalized.

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